Nautical Notes

ARPA Introduction Targets Trial Manouevre Stabilization PPC

Cargo Work Draft, Trim & Stability Securing Cargo Deck Cargo Container Cargo Bulk Cargo
  Grain Cargo Cargo Care IMDG Cargo Handling Equipment Cargo Handling Safety
  Oil Tanker Cargo Measurement Enclosed Spaces    

Celest. Nav. Solar Sys. Celestial Sphere Hour Angles PZX Triangles Dip
  Amplitude Day Ex Meridian Exercises Pole Star
  Naut. Almanac        

Ship Construction Ship Form Stresses Hull Structure Bow & Stern Fittings
    Load Lines Rudder & Propeller    

Echo Sounder and ... Speed Log Echo Sounder Speed Log      

Electronic Position .. Fixing Sys. Basic Principles LORAN C Sat. Nav. Sys. GPS  

Emergencies Safety of Passengers Action on Collision & Grounding Rescue    

International Law Maritime Law Law Of Sea I Law of Sea II Law of Sea III Load Lines
  SOLAS Genl. Prov. SOLAS Sub. Division SOLAS Fire Safety SOLAS LSA SOLAS GMDSS
  SOLAS Grain SOLAS Dangerous Goods ISM STCW Athens Conv.
  Tonnage Rules        

Magnetic Compass Earth's Magnetism Magnetic Compass Gyro Compass Compass Correction  

Maint. Safe Navigation COLREGS Expanation of COLREGS Keeping a Nav. Watch Keeping a Port watch  
  Keeping a Port Haz. Watch Bridge Team work Weather Routeing    

Ship Manouevring Turning Circle Ship Handling Manouevres Squat Anchoring

Meteorology Instruments Atmosphere Wind Cloud & Precipitation Visibility
  Wind Pressure Sys. Structure of a Depression Anticyclone Weather Services TRS

Pollution Prevention MARPOL London Dumping Conv. OILPOL Casualties CLC Regulation 26

RADAR CRT Sections of a RADAR Principle Nature of a Target Reflectors
  Controls Display Errors Antenna Plotting

Signalling Morse Code Code of Signals      

Ship Stability Displacement Buoyancy FWA Movement of Centre of Gravity Angle of Loll
  Curves of Stat. Stability List Free Surface Effetcs Trim  

Steering & Control Sys. Autopilot Fluxgate compass      

Terres. Nav. Definition Charts Rotation of the Earth Distances Position Lines
  Sailings Chart Work Exercises Information from Charts Tides Sextant

Std. Marine Vocabulary

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